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Creative Care Team
Eatontown, NJ
After leaving a 25+ year career in the corporate world I found my work/life balance out of whack. Commuting long hours and always trying to work around my schedule was becoming frustrating. In 2015 I was blessed to be influenced by my 97 year old grandmother during her stay in Hospice. I learned that Hospice takes a special human being, that truly caring for our fellow beings takes patience and understanding and a softness inside that not everyone has. I learned that I HAVE THAT within me and always have......SO in June 2016 with support from my family and friends I started my own company. Today, I am a Caregiver to the elderly and special needs community. I provide a safe, nurturing environment for my clients. I enjoy making my own schedule and best of all I get to use the qualities that were always inside of me for the better of others.

Motto: "Life's too short, be spontaneous, NOT reckless, because you just never know!"